There are a lot of things we do at the Creative Spot. But most people hire us to do the stuff we are really good at, like strategic marketing, advertising, design, branding, and interactive. Take a look at our capabilities below. (For our other creative outlets, see “Our Talent”).

Strategic Marketing

It’s the stuff that keeps everyone on the same page while moving your business forward. We’ll help you design a marketing plan, one that supports your business plan. And it covers everything from situation analysis, goals and objectives, strategies, and tactics to budgets and timelines. It’s the fun stuff that really gets our left-brains moving.


So you have this great brand, but how do you get it in front of the people who use it, need it, want it? We know what it takes to get customers and keep them. We work in all advertising mediums from TV to radio, web, print, outdoor and collateral, to anything else we might dream up. It starts with a strategy and develops into a solution, from creative concept, copywriting, design, and media placement.

Branding & Design

It’s the life of your product. It’s how it breathes and walks around in the marketplace. It needs to be on the spot from the start, keeping your message consistent and in front of customers no matter the medium. That’s what we’ve done for brand-new brands and existing brands alike.

Words aren’t the only things that say something about your business. Design is just as critical to the voice of your brand. Our award-winning design team helps businesses tell their stories in everything from logos to tradeshow graphics, so that every time your audience sees your brand, they see something they love.

Website Design & Interactive

Everyone’s online and everyone has something to say. How do you stand out? We start with a solid, open-source framework. Coupled with a great user experience and stunning graphics, your website will stand heads and shoulders above the competition.

And we have an array of ways to help you cut through the clutter: responsive website design, content management, traffic monitoring, email marketing, search engine optimization, and e-newsletters. And if you’re not sure what some of those things even are, all the more reason to call us.