Mitch Greenwald

Mitch Greenwald

Principal – Accounts

Mitch likes to think that his salt-n-pepper locks make him the most distinguished-looking principal of Creative Spot. We don’t know about that, but we do know that as the founding member, Mitch was destined for advertising since birth—his father was already in the field, and Mitch even starred in commercials and the show “Captain Penny” when he was young! So it’s no surprise that when he got to OSU, he created his own advertising degree program and then went on to open Creative Spot.

Today, he’s our line between creative and strategy. His philosophy: “I’d rather be scared than bored.” Mitch loves launching new products and services to market.

Quick Facts:

His Creative Spot: Mowing the lawn—there’s something about the purr of the engine, the iPod blaring music, and the sense of solitude.
Conversation Starter: Anything about his family.
Little Known Fact: He had an afro in high school and college.
Loves: Family, Chipotle, Golf (maybe in that order)
Wishes He Invented: Velcro (and can tell you the history of it)
Inspired By: Leo Burnett and old school advertising guys
A Partner Is…someone who can celebrate the successes but also sticks with you during the defeats.