Heather Stoller - Senior Graphic Desiner

Heather Stoller

Senior Graphic Designer

Heather came to us fresh off graduation from CCAD and has been maintaining the title bestowed upon her in school as “the nicest” (although this nice gal did somehow manage to get kicked out of 4H) ever since. Largely talented, she’s also kind-hearted, driven, and inquisitive.

When Heather was a student at CCAD, she met several folks from Creative Spot who influenced her to go into advertising. Now that she holds the position of Senior Graphic Designer, we love the fact that she did!

Quick Facts:

Her Creative Spot: On her bed, with magazines all around and a notebook for inspiration.
Favorite Movie: Father of the Bride
Inspired By: Frank Lloyd Wright
First Job: Would you like some McFries with that?
Little Known Fact: She doesn’t have a large intestine.
Creativity Is: Problem solving to the highest degree (both in design and in concept). Trying to discover the unimaginable. It’s a challenge.