Creative Spot forms a new partnership to help clients strengthen the relationship between marketing and sales.

Today, customers complete over 68% of the sales process on their own before they engage with a salesperson. Marketing and sales teams that operate in their traditional silos are falling further behind those that align their strategies to better understand and engage buyers.

To help our clients adjust to this new landscape, Creative Spot has formed a strategic alliance with James Rores and The Floriss Group, one of the top sales growth strategy and sales execution firms in the country. This partnership was formed so we can help our clients more closely align their marketing and advertising objectives with their sales strategy.

James Rores, Founder & CEO, The Floriss Group

James is a veteran investor, advisor, and coach who is passionate about leading businesses to growth and the mastery of change. During his 25-year career James has founded, led, or invested in more than a dozen closely held and venture-backed companies, resulting in multiple IPOs and liquidity events. He has trained and coached more than 6,000 CEOs and sales leaders from more than 100 industries, including INC 500, Deloitte Fast 50, Deloitte Fast 500, Business First Fast 50, and Innovation Award-winning companies.

Today, James leads The Floriss Group, a growth strategy and sales execution firm based in Columbus, Ohio, that helps CEOs and sales leaders simplify the complex and take control of growth … guaranteed.

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