Don Nixon

Principal – Accounts

Don came to Creative Spot after hiring them to help his (then) company elevate its strategic marketing and design back in 1997.  Their spirit and creativity captured his interest and in 2000, Don joined CS as an Account Executive.  He loves the enthusiasm of the “small business” and its ability to adapt, quickly, to clients’ needs and objectives.  “We are often viewed as the outsourced marketing team/department for our clients.  We’re able to help organizations who don’t have extensive marketing and advertising resources build their businesses without the cost of internal staffing to do the same.”

Today, he’s quick to tell you he’s a principal at the Creative Spot, a title dutifully his. Since coming to the Creative Spot in 2000, he’s helped us grow in numerous ways. Besides, he has the cleanest desk out of all of us.

Quick Facts:
His Creative Spot: About 10 miles into a ride during spinning class
Conversation Starter: Mention Bono
Little known fact: He was an outside linebacker in high school
Quote: Life is like a game of pool, always think six shots ahead.
Loves: U2, Starbucks and BW3 wings
Wish he invented: Kirby vacuums
If he wasn’t in advertising: he’d be a lawyer