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Adena Wins Gold Aster Award

We are thrilled to congratulate Adena Health System on its award-winning urology campaign! The ambient advertising campaign sought to bring awareness to common symptoms of urological problems. To do it, we crafted a series of bathroom stall wraps for restaurants and venues around Chillicothe. Each one posed a similar question: What are you missing out […]

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Red-Hot Ideas For Revamping Your Strategic Marketing This Summer

As we inch nearer to summer, the days grow longer, the weather gets balmier, and spirits slowly but surely lift. Summer is the perfect time to play around with fresh, fun approaches to marketing. To get your creative juices flowing, check out some of these ideas:

Get connected.

Grow your social media following and help your customers […]

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Cracking the Instagram Code

Is your business’s Instagram account not seeing the response you were hoping for? Instagram’s unique platform doesn’t offer as many different features as Facebook or LinkedIn, but Instagram’s simplicity (upload a picture, slap on a hashtag, and wait for the likes to roll in) leaves more room for interpretation and creativity than you may first […]

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All About Ambient Advertising

Chances are, you’ve probably come across ambient advertising in your day-to-day life without realizing that’s what it was. Ambient advertising is all about making your product or brand a part of people’s everyday experience in unexpected ways.

The best examples of ambient advertising don’t look anything like traditional ads. They’re designed to draw the eye and […]

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Belonging: The Power of Community

Some stats to consider from the Eric Qualman’s Social Media Revolution: “Retaining a customer is 5 times cheaper than acquiring a new customer. 78% of consumers trust social peer recommendation, but only 14% trust advertisements.”

Wait—it’s five times cheaper to keep a customer than it is to gain a new […]

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