Oliva Bodager

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Graphic Designer

Olivia grew up in rural northeast Ohio, where she spent most of her time outside or drawing and creating things. During college at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, she developed a passion for communicating through illustration, graphic design, and the use of bold colors. She further honed her skills as a designer in the marketing department at a nonprofit agency—she loves how design can help shape a culture and promote positive change. And that’s exactly what she does every day at Creative Spot.

The next time you see Olivia, ask her about The Enneagram, zero-plastic initiatives, or tell her all the places you hope to travel to someday!

Quick Facts

Her Creative Spot: Being outside and around nature.

Loves: Crab Rangoon, ice cream, flowers and plants, cats, The Cleveland Indians (Go Tribe!), road trips, and traveling abroad

Little Known Fact: She was in competitive gymnastics for 8 years.

If She Wasn’t In Advertising: She’d be living in an RV and traveling the world! Or she would be a florist.