Lizzie Rosen

Project Manager

We can’t seem to get rid of Lizzie. In 2012, Lizzie joined Creative Spot shortly after graduating from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. And then she disappeared to Alaska for three years where she worked at a local ad agency. We don’t quite understand it either, but she’s back and we’re happy to have her.

When Lizzie isn’t glued to her computer, she spends her time running with her dogs or really any activity that gets her outside. A few good books and television shows are preferred for a rainy day, though.

Quick Facts:

Her Creative Spot: Shower thoughts.
Loves: Spicy food (it’s not good unless your nose runs), dogs, and a good laugh.
Wishes She Invented: It’s a cheap shot, but Google. If your company name becomes a commonplace verb, that’s impressive.
If She Wasn’t in Advertising: She’d run a dog rescue program on the giant farm that she doesn’t own…yet.